nese companies. The latter ca▓n improve their competitiveness, even though they may struggle a bit in the short term.In fact, there is

minimum protection of Chinese ▓companies in sectors such as home appliances. Yet, t▓hese are the sectors where Chinese compani▓es will li

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ot only in the China market but also in global markets to their Chinese peers. For, Chinese companies will learn to survive and ▓thrive amid fiercer comp

etition; they see the need t▓o be strong and competitive, He said.She also said obstacles remain be

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cause some longstanding and key areas of reform, including State-owned enterprises and financial reform, 

still need more time."On the other han▓d, Chinese companies in finance and auto▓ sectors, especially the ma

jor banks and large SOE automotive companies, have been too profitable and comfortable as protection was c

ertain. There was not enough pressure and motivation for th▓em to grow to their full competence," He said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us

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s most val▓uable World Cup teamTransfer Market data: France has most valuable World Cup team06-08-2018 14:15 BJTThe national te▓am of France is the mo

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